Black Prince

Location and Access

The Black Prince Mine is located in Lincoln County, Nevada 6 miles west of Pioche. Improved dirt roads offer direct access to the property. A paved highway is with 3 miles.


The topography is gently sloping and the elevation is 6700 feet.


Silver discoveries were made in Pioche in 1862 and mining along high grade fissure veins through 1875 produced $16,000,000 at metal prices of the time.


The limestone replacement deposits at the Black Prince were located in 1905 by the Prince Consolidated Company which constructed the inclined shaft and performed most of the mining. Total production figures are not known.


Combined Metals Reduction Company acquired the property in the 1920s. For at least two decades it appears to have lain idle until the 1940s during which drilling and surface sampling were performed.


In 1981 Altera Resources Inc. acquired the Black Prince and initiated an exploration program which totaling drilling 15 holes.


Gold and silver mineralization occurs in a limestone replacement vein of hematite stained quartz nodules, oxidized pyrite, and pyrolusite. An altered granite porphyry dike parallels the fissure footwall which is also mineralized. The vein varies from 15 to 36 feet in width with values said to increase with depth.


Altera Resources completed 15 drill holes in 1981 with 12 intersecting the Black Prince vein. A drill hole yielded an average 12.4 ft true thickness of the vein and 3.4 oz/ton silver. Values are said to increase with depth. The vein is relatively continuous along the strike for 2600 feet with a 51 degree dip. Altera estimated “probable reserves” of 40,000 tons .03 oz/ton gold and 8 oz/ton silver within 300 feet of the surface.


Combined Metals blocked over 20,000 tons in the Black Prince shaft assaying .06 oz/ton Au, 7.2 oz/ton Ag, .4% Pb, 1.6% Zn, and 9.3% Mn. Their one drill hole reached what is believed a thrust fault at about 900 but the hole was lost in the fault zone. They believed a favorable ore horizon may lie just below the fault.